Films, Videos and Installations

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Love Poems

Excerpts from
3 min, looping video installation
color dgitial video with sound, 2009



Stills from performance videos in the genre of "The Break-up Album", 2008-2009


Mating Call

1:45 min, color 16mm film transferred to video, 2009

in ruins

In ruins, we rebuild with memories buried in the foundation

Excerpts from a 10 min,
2-channel video installation, 2006

love in the afternoon

Love in the Afternoon

1 min, color 16mm found footage transferred to video, 2007

Welcome to Suzhou

Excerpts and documentation from an interactive video installation, 2006


2 min, hand-processed Super 8 transferred to video, 2005

in out

1-minute video loop from installation, 66" x 151", 2007

the waltz

30 sec., b/w super8, w/sound