13 min excerpt from 48 min, HD video color with sound

2-channel video of 35 one-minute portraits shot in 3 countries between July 1 - September 1, 2010

An alternative to the travelogue, Shift is a 2-channel video of 35 one-minute portraits shot by Caplan in 3 countries, between July 1 - September 1, 2010, featuring friends, family, encounters, artists and fellow filmmakers,
with a shifting sense of self-representation in relation to who she is with, where she is and how she is expected to be perceived with in the dynamic exchange of the relationship.

For each portrait, Caplan shot approximately one minute of the participant then passed the camera to them for a minute. While the participant recorded her,
Caplan performed for the camera in response to the performance of the other.

Included in these excerpts:

Gennaro Galano
Sol Lewitt
Giovanni Scala
Stefano Irace
Saul Levine
George Kuchar
Paxton James
Bernice B Bredt
Laurel Kirtz
Anabel Vazquez


Portraits included in full version:

Columbus OH, June 21- July 2
Jennifer Lange
Paul Hill
Jennifer Reeder
Hippie girl at Dead show

Positano, Italy, July 7-July15
Valerie Lehr
Fernanda Fusco

Kefalonia, Greece July 16-20
Chris, Brit at the car rental agency
Costas, the waiter
Mikas, the sailor

Athens, Greece, July 20-22
Watermelon vendor
Cleo Azariadis

Amalfi Coast, Italy, July 22- Aug. 12
Glyn Cassidy
Alison Coates
Gennaro Galano
Sol LeWitt
Giovanni Scala
Fabrizio Lucibello
Stefano Irace
Amanda Murray

New England, Aug. 12-17
Saul Levine
Diana Chaplin
George Kuchar

Tampa, FL, Aug. 18-23
Paxton James
Bernice B Bredt
Ashley the Mermaid
Cindy Caplan

Boston, MA, Aug. 24-31
Jasmine Chen
Kristen Mills
Jonah Rapino
Laurel Kirtz
Meg White
Arthur Dion
Liz Munsell
Anabel Vazquez
Kasia Bytnerowicz