play and repeat

3 minutes, color HD video, 16:9, sound by Max Jeffers

play and repeat is a technological rendering of a cityscape and the experience therein.  A sequence of altered still images shot in New York is repeated, each time manipulated and layered over the artifacts of the previous sequence.  Images of concrete and pavement are digitally smeared, transmogrifying the architectural structure of the street.  Billboards and graffiti become the passage of color and texture through the 2-dimensional space of the screen. play and repeat takes both the city and digital video itself as subject and explores the effect of the addition and removal of the representational image on perception and memory. Composition, color and movement give way to accumulation and eventual disintegration into its own ephemerality.  

stills from play and repeat, 2014



Antimatter [Media Art], Victoria, BC, 2014: World Premiere
Black Maria Film Festival (Touring Program), 2015: Director's Choice Prize
Moving Image, New York, NY, 2015
L’Alternativa Independent Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 2015
Experiments In Cinema Film Festival V.10, Albuquerque, NM, 2015
Athenaeum Art & Music Library, La Jolla, CA, 2015
San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA, 2015
Anthology Film Archives, AXW Film Festival, New York, NY, 2016