Interactive Video Installation
Fountain Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, May 2012

Two video projections controlled via custom software enabling random playback and motion sensors
Sound installation with subwoofers embedded in the gallery walls
A carousel of 35mm slides manually advanced by visitors

motions sensors: more motion = shorter clips, less motion = longer clips,
thereby the chaos in the space influences the pace of the editing and chaos of the piece.


Installation views

Project Statement: “Out of this body” includes short video and audio clips played randomly by a computer, creating a “cut-up” video collage. The visceral experience of chaos and chance is embodied by the random and infinite sequences, in the tradition of Dada and work of William Burroughs and Brion Gysin. Assemblages of sound, and Burroughs himself reading from his work, are fastened against a montage of fast paced clips, shot by Caplan between September 2010 and February 2011. Footage of religious and secular celebrations, rituals, markers of time, structures and the lack thereof, shot in multiple locations along the east coast, create a sense of displacement within which the space between society, family, and solitude virtually explodes.

The temporal nature of the clips references the passage of time, the present becomes the past, and thus shapes the future. Memory serves us referentially, as we conjugate the narrative. With an ever-changing present, the future is constantly being reworked; through a realigning of context, how the future unfolds becomes a function of selective memory and chance.


All video clips were shot between
September 2010 and February 2011 by Lana Z Caplan.
Most clips were shot in New York and Boston,
with a few exceptions along the east coast of the US.
Audio includes excerpts of Williams Burroughs reading from his work.
Click here to see video clips

All 35mm slide images were shot between
March 2011 and March 2012 by Lana Z Caplan.
More images from this series can be seen here.

Sound installation comprised of
2 subwoofers embedded in the wall, amplifier,
CD player with audio track, infinite.


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video clips


Special thanks to Fred Wolflink, Dana Moser, Kevin Brown,
Troy Hagenbart, Natalie LaChall, Susan Gargiulo, Jackie Anderson,
Colortek,Brown Industries, Eve Pisacane, Sam Waxman, Anna Graham,
Meg Young and Kevin Micka