Lovelist Mountain of China

16 Channel Video Installation
Inside Out Art Museum, Beijing, China

16 flat-screen vertically wall-mounted monitors
color HD video, 16:9, 8 silent landscapes, 8 people (sound on headphones)

above is ten minutes of stills and excerpts from the installation at the Inside Out Art Museum.
the total running time of all videos in installation is approximately 90 minutes

selected video stills and excerpts

The Loveliest Mountain of China, eight vertical flat-screen monitors show views of the natural beauty
as moving video paintings, with changing light and rolling fog.  These videos resemble the traditional Chinese ink brush paintings of this landscape, and are hung on the gallery wall like paintings.  Hanging with them, eight
more vertical flat-screens show individual portraits of local people - tour guide, painter, hotel employees.
Through a translator, I ask the locals about their relationship to the mountain, how their relationship has changed
since growing up there, and how they perceive the tourism that creates their jobs.  Together these two views
captured in the sixteen-channel installation present a more complete image of the current state of affairs in Huangshan, showing  the natural changes of the landscape alongside the local people.