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G R A N T S / R E S I D E N C I E S / A W A R D S
Audience Award, Crossroads Film Festival
Director's Choice Prize, Black Maria Film Festival
Commisioned Artist, Boston Cyberarts and Massachuetts Convention Center Authority
Brother Thomas Fellowship Award, Nominee
Woodshed IV, Gallery 51 of MCLA with support from MassMOCA, Residency & Exhibition
Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China, Artist-in-Residence
Woodshed III, Gallery 51 of MCLA with support from MassMOCA, Residency & Exhibition
Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH, Residency Support
Experimental Television Center, NY, Artist-in-Residence
Woodshed II: The Next 100 Hours, Gallery 51 of MCLA with support from MassMOCA, Residency & Exhibition
Puffin Foundation, Grant for the series Execution Sites
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, James and Audrey Foster Prize, Nominee
100 Hours in the Woodshed, Gallery 51 of MCLA with support from MassMOCA, Residency & Exhibition
Massachusetts College of Art, International Travel Grant
Vermont Studio Center, Artist-in-Residence, Artist Grant
Harvard University, Visiting Scholar
Massachusetts Cultural Council, Development Grant
Contemporary Artist Center, North Adams, MA, Artist-in-Residence
William Benton Museum, Storrs, CT, Medici Circle Artist
Polaroid Corporation, Materials Grant
  E D U C A T I O N
MFA, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
BA with Honors, Boston University, Boston, MA
Université d’Attaches des Presse, Paris, France